Making Readers: A Small Business with a Huge Impact

On June 27 of each year, the world celebrates the International Day of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. While the definitions of these projects differ from one country to another, they leave a great global impact as they are among the factors affecting the economy and growth of countries.

Entrepreneurship always leaves a mark on the community in which it is located, and today we learn about the story of a small project that was He has a great imprint in planting the seeds of peace and awareness in Libya; Where she tells "Hager Gaddafi "Her story of creating an organization"Making reciters" In Libya.

The story of making readers - by Hager Gaddafi

هاجر القذافي مع كتاب في منظمة صناعة القراء

The story began in the middle of the war in the city of Benghazi in 2015. Studies and life stopped, and most places were closed for a long time, when the sounds of bullets and changing events dominated our lives.

The moment when life stopped, the unknown future, and the loss of time when I was supposed to complete my university studies and annual plans. The only control was the long free time with the worsening situation. 

My only motive is to resort to books and social media to fill this void and separate from the reality of war.


At that time, I was following the launch of the "Arab Reading Challenge Initiative In the Emirates, through the live broadcast of the closing events on television, in which a number of Arab countries participated, and the flags of Arab countries were raised, except for Libya, which was not among these countries.

The feeling of pain that accompanied me at this moment was a strong motive for launching my dream of "making readers" to represent Libya in this initiative, the Arab world and the world. This dream was too big for my personal circumstances and the war situation made me restricted from every dream and I don't even have the power to think about making those dreams come true.

“Amidst the devastation of war, I had complete faith that reading was the only savior to escape from those events. and circumstances”

I started to plan a challenge to read 100 books for the year 2015 with mixed feelings of strength and weakness, frustration and hope. The challenge continued in a closed room away from the sounds of war. I go out to another world in the books you create for me. Reading.

On 12-19-2015, I accomplished the challenge despite everything. Yes, I say it again. After long suffering, I lived through its details with mixed feelings of fear, frustration, and an unknown future. I told myself that this is the greatest investment experience. Time, and the time will come when you will reap the fruit of this personal diligence away from the eyes of the world, you were alone feeling all those feelings.

In light of my feeling of this achievement, I began to convey my story and experience to all my acquaintances and friends, and then my meeting with readers through my work in organizing book fairs in libraries, where every book fair was like a feast for me For me, because books are my world in which I found everything I lacked.  

The dream remains a dream unless it begins with real steps and goals. In 2016, I started with new plans, and in a relatively better situation, life began to return gradually. My start was to enter training courses in everything related to Entrepreneurship and projects, and investing more in myself by reading books, attending training courses, and completing the idea of making readers in my imagination, goals, and future plans. 

In conclusion, I am grateful for books and for reading because they made my dreams, goals and all my achievements possible, and in every work I am currently doing in creating generations of readers, it is a reflection of my personal experience, and my dream is always the title of "Goodwill Ambassador" To create more enlightened readers and generations, specifically from marginalized and vulnerable groups everywhere.


About Making Readers Organization
عن منظمة صناعة القراء: مشروع صغير ذو أثر كبير


Beginning in 2017, the idea of the reading industry project was launched in its first season by targeting 50 participants from school students in the city of Benghazi of different age groups, in order to enable them to engage in the challenge of reading 30 books, with the follow-up and guidance of the project’s supervisors and monitors, and the development of the participants’ skills in training courses to develop their skills. Knowledge on "writing and blogging, presentation and recitation, Arabic language and self-development".


The Cultural Readers Industry Organization was established as a non-profit civil society organization under the slogan "Wherever you go, let the book be your first companion" after the success of the idea of the Readers Industry Project in its season The first and second, and increasing the turnout by children and school students of different age groups.

The organization contributes to raising the level of knowledge awareness in society and spreading the culture of reading and reading among the younger generations by providing various programs and activities targeting segments of society, including children, adolescents and youth.

The organization seeks to include segments of society including children, as well as the vulnerable and special groups such as the blind, people of determination, autistic people, the displaced and those affected by wars. Reading and cultural activities contribute to helping them build themselves and strengthen their personalities to face their personal challenges.


How to make a difference
صناعة القراء: أينما ذهبت فليكن الكتاب رفيقك الأول

In the end, entrepreneurship will bear the fruits of peace and economic prosperity, and will help to promote recovery in the country and the advancement of society once again.

Just as Hajar started before establishing her project by attending entrepreneurship seminars and trainings, you can now register to attendDerayah entrepreneurship initiative activities والتي ستمكنك من تعلم أساسيات الريادة وكيفية إنشاء شركة ناشئة ناجحةAble to grow and influence society.


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