About Deraya

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Launched by Flat6Labs, Tatweer and MAZAM with the support of UNDP, Deraya aims to support Libyan entrepreneurs in developing, managing and growing their innovative solutions in order to promote economic development and social entrepreneurship in Libya.

Deraya will provide them with the essential elements needed to build a successful venture. The activities conducted throughout the program will support entrepreneurs with innovative ideas by developing their technical and business skills, and by providing them with the appropriate environment to build their products, test market fit and ultimately turn them into potential startup businesses.

What we offer


Get the chance to connect with entrepreneurs and leaders from the entrepreneurial ecosystem and to attend workshops and training to get the basic skills to structure your own business.


Having the right information at the right time could lead to recognizing and capturing various business opportunities. Get the chance to meet successful entrepreneurs and role models and learn more about their stories.


Be part of a creative and collaborative three-day educational event where designers, developers, marketers, students, startup enthusiasts, and everyone in-between come together to share, develop and pitch new startup ideas.

Our story

Why We Started in Libya

UNDP supports Libya's transition towards peace, economic recovery, and sustainable development to help the country get on a more robust development path by supporting local authorities to restore essential services delivery and livelihood opportunities and promote peaceful co-existence.

Job creation for youth is at the heart of UNDP’s local Peacebuilding efforts. 

The Initiative's Background

This initiative is part of UNDP's “Environment towards youth entrepreneurship support and positive migration governance project (EEYES)” programme financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB), and the Strengthening Local Capacity for Resilience and Recovery Project funded by the North of Africa Window of the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Stability which contributes in addressing the root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa (EUTF – NOA). The Deraya Initiative is implemented in partnership with Flat6LabsTatweer Research and Mazam.

Where We're Heading

Where we'll be meeting the aspiring entrepreneurs during the Startup Weekend events


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