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Startup weekend (Ghat)

About Startup Weekend:

It is a global event held over two days in many countries around the world, and now it has reached Libya. This event aims to gather participants registered in the Daraya initiative for entrepreneurship to transform simple ideas into established projects. Designers, developers, marketers, students, and anyone interested in startups participate, working collectively to pitch ideas, develop them, and present them to the audience. Teams compete over the two days to achieve the best idea and plan for an innovative project, with guidance from experts and mentors specialized for each team. Additionally, this event provides an opportunity for learning and networking with people from diverse backgrounds, which helps in expanding one's network and developing personal and professional skills.


Who can apply for Startup Weekend (Ghat):

Anyone residing in Libya, specifically in (Ghat), can apply to attend Startup Weekend. Application does not require any prior experience in entrepreneurship, but the applicant should have a tangible passion for entrepreneurship and building projects. This event offers participants the opportunity to learn, develop their skills, and exchange ideas with other people interested in the field of entrepreneurship.

Weekend Training Activities | (Ghat)

The weekend training activities were concluded in Ghat municipality with the presence of Deraya participants, representatives of entrepreneurship offices, and specialized trainers.

During two days of intensive training, the trainers ensured to guide all participants and highlight the key points that could facilitate the entrepreneurial journey for beginners in the field.

If you are interested in joining the Deraya community that supports all creatives, follow us! Deraya is an entrepreneurship initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Local Governance - Libya, funded by the European Union in Libya, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund, the British Development Agency, and the African Development Bank Group. This initiative is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Libya in collaboration with the National Program for Small and Medium Enterprises through the Moomken Organization for Awareness and Media.

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