Breaking Ground: Agricultural Innovation in Murzuq and Ghat

A new Project Driving Economic Growth in Southern Libya 

Within the expansive desert sands of Murzuq and Ghat lies a reservoir of untapped potential. Here, the entrepreneurial spirit of farmers, the drive of young minds, and the resilience of women come together, all with a thirst for opportunity and innovation.

In the dynamic and vibrant regions of Murzuq and Ghat, a wave of innovation is about to unfold. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is proud to announce its new project funded in partnership with the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). This initiative supports the municipality to foster economic independence, community resilience, and agricultural development in the southern region, and is part of UNDP’s broader Local Peace-building and Resilience Programme.

With agriculture and entrepreneurship at its core, this project is set to catalyze positive change to the lives of farmers, youth, and women in southern Libya, aiming to support 30 women and youth-led start-ups and 30 farmers in Murzuq and Ghat. 

Addressing Agricultural Challenges: 

A recent assessment conducted by the World Food Programme (WFP) and Tatweer Research (November 2023), shed light on challenges and needs faced by local farm owners in the south of Libya. A Fezzan Agricultural Assessment found agricultural pests, insufficient water resources, and lack of necessary production input at the root of uncultivated or unproductive land. Furthermore, the assessment highlighted that market prices of machinery in the Fezzan region are high and farmers commonly rely on manual tools. Out of 3,988 farmers surveyed, 41 percent reported inadequate and malfunctioning existing machinery compounded by a lack of new agricultural technologies, ultimately compromising production. Moreover, financial issues such as the unavailability of loans and lack of financial support were reported by 91 percent and 88 percent of surveyed farmers, respectively. 

The evident need for innovative solutions to transform the agricultural landscape cannot be ignored. This new project aims to bridge those gaps and breathe new life into farming communities! 

Project Highlights: 

The Project will encompass a range of activities designed to empower and uplift the communities in Murzuq and Ghat. Here are the key highlights: 

  1. Rapid Livelihoods Assessment: A comprehensive assessment will be conducted to identify the specific needs and opportunities in the targeted areas. This assessment will serve as the foundation for tailored interventions. 
  2. Business Capacity Building: Farmers, entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners will have the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge through a specialized capacity building program. This program will equip them with the tools to navigate the challenges of establishing a new business while embracing innovative practices. 
  3. Economic Assistance and Assets to 30 farmers will receive much-needed assistance in the form of cash or asset replacement. This support will enable them to overcome obstacles and revitalize their farming activities, contributing to the growth of the agricultural sector in the region. 
  4. Grants for Start-ups: The project will provide grants to 30 start-ups, fuelling their innovative ideas and enabling them to establish and expand their businesses. This injection of funds will create a thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurship and economic growth. 

So, are you a farmer with an idea to improve irrigation? A young entrepreneur with a vision for sustainable agriculture? A women-led start-up set to champion food security? This is your opportunity to take action! Stay tuned for Deraya’s call for submissions over the next two weeks!

Join us! 

 As the project unfolds, we invite the community of Murzuq and Ghat to join the movement and be part of this transformative journey. Spread the word, share your innovative ideas, and keep an eye out for the upcoming Call for Proposals/Expression of Interest. Together, we can drive economic growth, create sustainable livelihoods, and build a brighter future for southern Libya. 

In the meantime, spread the word with the hashtag #NewLifeMurzuqGhat and let's get ready to unlock the agricultural potential of these amazing communities! 

Remember, innovation knows no bounds. Let's make Murzuq and Ghat the next hotspots for agricultural ingenuity! 

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