About The Event

Hackathons are competitions aimed at meeting people with passion in a short time and with intense effort to find solutions to specific problems, and it is an excellent opportunity to learn and apply what you have learned immediately in the field of entrepreneurship.


Participants will gather to benefit from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs, interact in online workshops to share their ideas, build relationships with designers, developers and marketers, and finally participate in a challenge to present a complete innovative business plan.

Who can apply for Hackathons?

Team of 3 to 5 persons composed from:

  • Libyan and non-Libyan entrepreneurs or youth who have ideas to solve one of the challenges
  • Anyone with a technical background, developer
  • Designers, freelancers, or anyone who is passionate about graphic design
  • Business students
  • Young female entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs or young women are highly encouraged to participate

Hackathon Timeline

Priority will be given to early birds that meet all of the above selection criteria

Win a team reward

Expect rewards for the winning teams to be announced soon

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