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Deraya is an Arabic word for Enlightenment

Initially introduced by Flat6Labs and subsequently introduced by MAZAM, Moomken, Tadawul and Acted, implemented by Tatweer, and with support from UNDP, Deraya aims to support Libyan entrepreneurs in developing, managing and growing their innovative solutions in order to promote economic development and social entrepreneurship in Libya. The initiative will provide Libyan entrepreneurs with the essential elements needed to build a successful venture, in addition to offering multiple services and perks including expert-led training & coaching sessions, assigning multiple industry specific mentors to each startup team.

Throughout the program, they will have access to:
- Educational resources to upskill themselves personally and professionally
- Opportunities to connect with entrepreneurs and leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem
- Experts and inspirational speakers to help them better shape their ideas and transform them into businesses.

Our mission

To promote economic development, sustainability and prosperity through innovation, inclusion and integration.

Our vision

To have an empowering entrepreneurial ecosystem in Libya.

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